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PRTG helps Somnitec AG deliver Swiss IT precision

Swiss cloud and IT service provider Somnitec AG, with the help of the Paessler PRTG experts at CORP-IT, has set up comprehensive monitoring to maximize the reliability of its customers’ IT systems.

Predictive maintenance - Improve the Performance of your data center

Data center availability is one of the most important aspects when downtime can also quickly have a financial impact. In order to detect problems at an early stage and thus avoid downtime, the term "predictive maintenance" becomes increasingly important. In an ideal situation, predictive maintenance allows for the lowest possible maintenance frequency to avoid unscheduled reactive maintenance without incurring the cost of too much preventive maintenance.

Increase resiliency of IT environments with KnowledgeRiver and PRTG

Paessler PRTG is well known as a monitoring solution for IT network infrastructures of all sizes and provides IT administrators with a holistic view of the overall enterprise IT. But it can also contribute to increasing the transparency of IT services, something that is becoming more important with growing complexity of IT delivery options. This example shows how PRTG together with KnowledgeRiver's data control utility DC360Ocean helped an international bank in UAE shine a light on their IT services.

When “ants” help secure the wireless network

Bechtle in Bielefeld, Germany, relies increasingly on PRTG monitoring for its IT service offers, and thereby creates added value for its customers. For Bechtle customer STIEBEL ELTRON, this amounts to a more stable WLAN and more reliable automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

How to monitor Fujitsu servers using Paessler PRTG

I remember my first physical server I worked with: it was a Fujitsu tower server. It was running Windows Server 2003 and AD DS role. Somehow, I feel sentimental when thinking about it. If you have followed our blog and my previous two articles, you already learnt how to enable SNMP and monitor Dell PowerEdge and IBM System X using PRTG. Now, in this article, my focus is on the Fujitsu servers.

Bringing the monitoring power of Paessler PRTG to new operating system platforms

With a long history and a focus on IT infrastructure monitoring in Windows networks, Paessler PRTG originated in the Windows environment. IT administrators from all over the world needed a monitoring solution that would also reliably monitor the associated infrastructure in their largely Windows-based network to ensure the constant availability of the network, network components, and servers. The majority of our users are therefore familiar with Windows servers and feel confident in setting up, configuring, and using the Microsoft environment and routinely performing all their necessary tasks. This is why our PRTG server still runs on all relevant Windows versions and can be installed very easily and quickly. Users who do not want to take care of hardware can also subscribe to PRTG as a service and let Paessler take care of the server maintenance.

Keep track of your distributed data centers with ITOps board

Large companies usually have distributed data centers, which brings significant advantages in terms of aspects like performance and efficiency. The data centers might be distributed within a city, a country or even worldwide. However, the challenge always remains the same - not to lose the holistic overview.

Open positions: We're looking for bees!

🌼🐝 Giving unused areas of land back to nature is the right thing to do. The population of bees in particular is severely endangered in many industrialized nations. Although the worldwide numbers seem to be on the rise, Western Europe has witnessed a horrifying 37% reduction in bee colonies compared to 1990. And yet we need both solitary and communal bees for a healthy ecosystem and a functioning agriculture. The good news: It is not all that difficult to create a habitat in which the little fellas feel at home. We have transformed unused space in front of our headquarters in Nuremberg into a true bee-friendly paradise. What's missing now are the bees. So if you know any, send them our way! Much obliged.

PRTG & UVexplorer: Skip the headaches of handmade network maps

As former British politician Amber Rudd once said: “Automation is driving the decline of banal and repetitive tasks.”

New release! PRTG version 22.3.79 is available in the stable channel.

PRTG 22.3.79 is now available in the stable release channel! This version comes with the new Microsoft 365 Mailbox sensor, the new FortiGate System Statistics sensor, an update for OpenSSL libraries, NetFlow sensors with IPv6 support, and six more experimental NetApp v2 sensors.

Monitoring Distributed Control Systems with PRTG

In recent times, I’ve written a lot about how Paessler PRTG monitoring software is well-suited to monitoring OT (Operational Technology) components in industrial environments. We’ve covered using PRTG to monitor everything from OPC UA servers to SCADA systems. And in this article, I’ll take a look at another common element of OT: the DCS, or Distributed Control System. I’ll go into how PRTG can be used to monitor a DCS. But first, let’s get a definition of DCS.

Monitoring availability and energy efficiency in large data centers

Availability is not just a buzzword when talking about monitoring large or distributed data centers, but is one of the most important aspects of it. Every IT administrator or IT responsible person has the goal of avoiding downtime at all costs. Not only does downtime mean annoyed users, it can also quickly lead to financial losses for a company. Today, the availability of business services goes hand in hand with the availability of IT services. Especially for MSPs, customer satisfaction is critical, so there is no room for unavailable or non-functioning business environments. For this reason, any interruption of services needs to be a thing of the past! 👉 Quit playing games with the heart of your IT

Exchange Online and Paessler PRTG: From basic to modern authentication

💥 Read this article if you use Paessler PRTG to monitor a Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online mailbox.

Remote monitoring from the cloud: the future of our industry?

Software as a Service is an important topic for me and a recurring theme in my career. Before joining Paessler in the role of CTO, I held leading positions at EMC Corporation and Trend Micro, most recently as VP Technology Solutions Europe. There, I was able to address exciting questions, such as how networked threat defense makes cloud computing and virtual data centers future-proof and scalable. At Paessler, it was again one of my first tasks to expand our off-premises monitoring solution, PRTG Hosted Monitor, and to show appropriate cross-connections from our existing product portfolio. I am immensely proud of our powerful on-premises monitoring, which is the tool of choice for so many customers. Today, however, I am specifically addressing monitoring from the cloud, which can be powerful, scalable, secure, and extremely flexible. Let's dig deeper.

Have you already tried the Multi-Platform Probe?

In December 2021, we introduced the Multi-Platform Probe, which can be installed on Windows and Linux systems (Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS) as well as on ARM-based devices and Docker. This allows the native monitoring function of PRTG to be extended to other platforms.  Although the Multi-Platform Probe is still in an early alpha phase, I would like to encourage you to install it, test it, and give us your valuable feedback!Our goal is to involve you in the development process from the very beginning to understand your needs and what features you would like to see. We would therefore be very pleased if you would take a few minutes of your time and participate in our survey: {{cta('9e2e784d-9a04-4210-ba24-e86911411717','justifycenter')}}